Administrators of Healthcare Volunteers Update

November 8, 2010

MAVA Blog Archive from November 8, 2010

Thanks to some time well spent, the new AHV Board of directors is getting to know each other better. As we bond and become a more cohesive group it is easy to see that we are well on our way to better serving our AHV members. The AHV pre-conference with HCAM was a great day of training and networking with others in our field. We had a wonderful speaker who taught us about the importance of taking care of ourselves as we navigate our way through a constant roll of changes that happen to us every day.
Within our specialized field of managing volunteers within a healthcare setting we are often faced with many changes. Being a part of AHV is a way of knowing that there is a support system for those times when you need it most. I recently attended the MAVA annual meeting. We were given a chance to break out into specific groups. I facilitated one of the health care groups. Even though it was a short period of time I had the privilege to hear stories of success, stories of failure and stories of hope from others in our field.