About MAVA

Over 800 members strong, MAVA is the largest professional membership association for leaders of volunteers in the state of Minnesota. Founded as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization in 2001, it is an alliance of individuals and networks dedicated to providing support and resources to those who lead volunteers. MAVA unites administrators of structured volunteer programs as well as those who have an interest in promoting volunteerism across the state. Through its advocacy efforts, MAVA provides a respected, energetic voice for volunteerism across Minnesota.

In today’s world, the capacity to engage and mobilize volunteers is essential. MAVA firmly believes that volunteers are a critical resource for improving lives and communities. Knowledgeable, well-trained professionals are essential to building an organization’s ability to maximize volunteers’ productivity. MAVA strives to enhance communities across Minnesota by supporting those who lead volunteers.

MAVA members represent all sectors of society: faith communities, health care, social service, education, government, grassroots organizations and more. MAVA provides a forum for members to network and to learn from each other. To find out more about joining MAVA, click here.

The unique structure of MAVA makes it possible for members around the state to enjoy the benefits of a large and strong professional association, while retaining ties to local networks that support leaders of volunteers. MAVA members who work in certain fields, (for example, health care or faith communities) have additional opportunities for learning and networking through well-organized networks within MAVA. Or, to find out more about partnerships and collaborations with the organization, click here.


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