Hi. How can I help you?


(reposted from the YNPN Blog)

by Virginia Brown
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We’ve all read articles about networking, and we know we’re supposed to do it to find that perfect professional opportunity. But something is missing from the conversation: What exactly should be happening at these network coffees and lunches? And how do you really make the most of that time?

I’ve worked at some high profile organizations, and I guess I know a lot of people. So I get frequently asked to coffee from folks seeking advice. And from those countless lattes, I can tell you that it’s what you do at our meeting that determines my course of action. Here’s what I’ve got to share with you today: in the immortal words of Jerry Maguire, “help me help you.

I recommend these four easy steps that will provide you a clear direction to having a successful networking meeting, and hopefully accomplish what you set out to get from the meeting:

1.       Figure out what you want,

2.       Tell me why I should help,

3.       Ask me specific informational questions and

4.       Request specific ways I can help.

Not that hard, right? But a majority of the meetings I accept don’t have a clear direction, which makes it hard for me to help. Let’s see how these steps play out… (click here for more)



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