Welcome to the MAVA Community Blog

Broaching topics from balancing the workload in our very unique jobs to exposing the best kept recruitment and recognition secrets, this blog is a resource and a communication tool where we are our own experts, here to support one another as we work towards building our communities together!

As you know, we in volunteer management are an interesting breed of professionals that deal with a wide variety of issues and tasks. Communication, marketing, human resources, law, project management, event planning, technical support, conflict resolution, youth engagement, diversity, database management; these are just a few of the many topics we dive into in our daily support of volunteers. And let’s not forget how we have absolutely perfected the art form of saying thank you!

So how do we keep track of it all while staying in constant motion? How do we learn as we go, and share as we learn? This blog is just one way that MAVA hopes to assist volunteer management professionals in answering these questions. But MAVA can’t do it alone. For a community blog to flourish, we must contribute to it to receive the benefits of our colleagues contributions. If you are interested in blogging, please contact Nicole Burg at: nburg@mavanetwork.org.

Welcome to a great new tool that has the potential of making our jobs and our communities a little bit better!

Molly Kennedy Lageson

Volunteer Resources Specialist – Science Museum of Minnesota

Marketing & Technology Committee Member – MAVA


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